Ceviche spots in Los Angeles area
Ceviche spots in Los Angeles area

Deep into summer, when a bouillabaisse or even a grilled fish seems like too much, that's the moment for ceviche. What can be simpler or more refreshing than raw fish or seafood "cooked" in lime juice and garnished with chile and cilantro? We've all enjoyed the basic, but some newish places are giving ceviche its due with a more expansive choice of ingredients, higher firepower and even mix-and-match menus. Before the summer is over, get your ceviche at any of these spots while we wait, impatiently, for Ceviche Project to open in Silver Lake. Bar + Fish Modern Mariscos Inside Picnik in Old Town Pasadena — look for the word "bar" in lights to the left of the courtyard — is this small...