Test Kitchen video tip: Homemade meringue 101
Test Kitchen video tip: Homemade meringue 101

Really nothing more than a combination of egg whites and sugar whipped to frothy peaks, meringue is a simple but key player in a variety of baking and pastry recipes. Use it as a topping, gracing lemon or key lime pies, or maybe spread it over a cake as a classic seven-minute frosting. It can be used as a leavener, added to cake batters (angel food, chiffon and other sponge cakes) to lighten the crumb, give lift to souffles, or used to lighten custard and cream fillings. Bake it as a dessert element (a vacherin or hard meringue container) or use it as the base for macaron cookies. The options are almost endless. To make the most of your meringue, keep in mind a few basic tips: - Use room...