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The best summertime perfumes

The best summertime perfumes

Anyone who's bitten into a ripe apricot, peach or plum understands the juicy scents of summer. But today's perfumers have created fragrances that make fruity essences available all year long.

Fancy an olfactory plate of ripe figs? L'Artisan's Figuier Extreme and Ava Luxe's Figue de Sucre showcase the creamy sweetness of the fruit, while Heeley's Eau de Figuier and L'Artisan's Premier Figuier evoke the entire tree, complete with green leaves, milky white secretions and twiggy branches.

A giant ribbon of Japanese plum unfurls through Serge Luten's monumental Feminite du Bois, Keiko Mecheri's Ume and Creed's Acqua Fiorentina. Artemesia's Saveur d'Abricot may call to mind the...

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