Oscars 2017: 'Moonlight' wins best picture after botched announcement

Fran Pavley

Who was naughty and who was nice in 2016?

Who was naughty and who was nice in 2016?

Many Americans may feel as if Santa came a month and a half early to fill their stockings with a yuge lump of coal. The remarkably acrimonious campaign and Donald Trump’s surprising win continue to leave such a deep mark on the American psyche, it’s easy to forget the other notable people and events of 2016. To jog your memory, here’s The Times editorial board’s naughty and nice list for the past year. 


Russian President Vladimir Putin, for meddling subversively in the U.S. election, tipping the military balance in the Syrian civil war to the despotic Assad regime, and staying his illegal course in occupying...