Golda Meir

'The Pickle Recipe' whips up sour humor

'The Pickle Recipe' whips up sour humor

There’s a key ingredient missing in “The Pickle Recipe,” an ethnic farce about a man determined to get his hands on the secret formula that his grandmother has vowed to take to her grave: any trace of genuine comedy.

When Detroit party DJ Joey Miller (Canadian comic Jon Dore) finds himself in a pickle of his own after his equipment is destroyed in a fire mere weeks before his daughter’s bat mitzvah, his unscrupulous Uncle Morty (David Paymer) throws him a lifeline. 

All Joey has to do is get his Grandma Rose (Lynn Cohen) to sign off on the heirloom kosher dill recipe that has made Irv’s Deli a Michigan mainstay and sell it to a buyer with deep pockets.

But the old...