Section 8 (housing)

Readers write on homelessness, the Paris Accord and Trump calling Schiff ‘sleazy’

Seeing the In Theory section on the topic of homelessness in a the July 12 News-Press reminded me of a conversation I had with a homeless man recently. He said what happened is that he was homeless but then he was able to get a Section 8 apartment, the program I believe is for impoverished people. Then he got a job, and he was making enough that he had to leave the Section 8 apartment, no longer poor enough to qualify. So he rented a room. But then he was laid off from his job and couldn’t pay rent on the apartment, so he was homeless again.

I don’t know if he was being truthful or accurate with me. But if so, one might wonder if in this case there would have been any way for him to...

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