Tom LaBonge

Tom LaBonge is gone—and so (unfortunately) are his documents

Tom LaBonge is gone—and so (unfortunately) are his documents

When newly sworn-in Los Angeles City Councilman David Ryu showed up for work at City Hall last July, he was shocked to find an office stripped bare except for a few computers. There were no files for ongoing projects in the district, which had been represented for 14 years by Tom LaBonge. There were no logs of constituent service requests. No records showing how hundreds of thousands of dollars of Council District 4 funds had been spent. In fact, Ryu's staff said, not a scrap of paper was left for the new councilman.

Yes, politics can be ugly. During the runoff with LaBonge's former chief of staff, Carolyn Ramsay, Ryu was highly critical of how the councilman had managed his office....