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Thai Muslim mosque in Azusa is a work of faith
Thai Muslim mosque in Azusa is a work of faith

It is near midnight. The Ramadan prayers have just been said, the congregants have paid respect to Allah and headed home. Only the gray-haired imam and his wife remain at the little house of faith they have devoted their lives to. They walk to their car, looking at the stars, reminiscing about a journey that began 50 years ago and a world away from a low-slung neighborhood up against the Los Angeles foothills. "This has been quite something, all we have gone through leading us here," says Rahmat Phyakul. With his wife, Sukatee, at his side, he points proudly to a tall green-and-white sign. Masjid Al-Fatiha. On the same sign, another message, this one in the flowing script...