Simon Spurr
Santa makeover: From ho, ho to whoa!
Santa makeover: From ho, ho to whoa!

He may have an uncanny knack for knowing who's naughty or nice, mad package delivery skills and a fan base approaching Lady Gaga's, but, sartorially speaking, Santa Claus is in a bit of a rut. It wasn't always this way. Over the years the man also known as Kris Kringle, Saint Nick and Father Christmas has had nearly as many wardrobe changes as aliases, turning up wearing long, green, fur-lined robes in one incarnation, a bright red-and-white outfit topped with a bishop's miter in another. But for at least the last half-century, Claus' clothes have been frozen in a kind of garish caricature of a costume: a bulky, red (presumably wool) suit with wide, woolly white...