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Baz Luhrmann wants to 'reveal' more of 'The Great Gatsby'
Baz Luhrmann wants to 'reveal' more of 'The Great Gatsby'

F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby" is widely recognized as a literary masterwork. Yet as even the book's editor, Maxwell Perkins, said to Fitzgerald about a draft of the 1925 novel, the title character "is somewhat vague." Hazy doesn't work in cinema, so when director Baz Luhrmann decided to bring "Gatsby" to the screen, he and his creative team went on the filmmaking equivalent of an anthropological dig. The goal: unearth what was left unsaid in Fitzgerald's slender tale of Jay Gatsby, a millionaire bootlegger, and his unrequited love for a married socialite, Daisy Buchanan. The film, opening May 10, overflows with all the...