Bud Selig
Letters: Hello, Mr. Ballmer, but a good buy?
Letters: Hello, Mr. Ballmer, but a good buy?

Congratulations to Steve Ballmer on making the worst individual purchase in the history of sports. Perhaps he thought the price tag included the arena and the Lakers. Honestly, I think he made the purchase to do what many of us think he will ultimately do — move the franchise to Seattle. I don't buy this used-car-salesmanlike spew coming from Ballmer's mouth. The Seattle Clippers are coming soon. Don't fool yourself, the Clippers fan base would be dwarfed by that in the Seattle/Tacoma area. You want a fresh start, move out of L.A., where the Lakers will always be the team of choice. I would bet a new arena and a new TV deal will be all he needs to pack the bags. Geno...