Max Scherzer

Fiers throws no-hitter against Dodgers in 3-0 win by Astros

Growing up, Mike Fiers remembers watching Nolan Ryan throw no-hitter after no-hitter. After pitching his first one Friday night, Fiers finally got to meet the man who spun so many gems. Fiers pitched the second no-hitter in the major leagues in nine days, leading the Houston Astros to a 3-0 victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers. Ryan, now an Astros executive who threw a record seven no-hitters, applauded from a suite as Fiers was mobbed by his teammates near the mound after finishing the 11th gem in Astros history. Then Ryan went down to the dugout to welcome the right-hander into a most fancy fraternity — the No-Hit Club. "Nolan threw seven of them, seven no-hitters so at...