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Health experts throw cold water on juice cleanse
Health experts throw cold water on juice cleanse

"Mom, this is a horrible idea." So my college student son declared when he learned I had started a three-day juice cleanse, 72 hours of a juice diet. Six bottles each day, plus water and herbal tea. No solid food. Go ahead. Make fun of me. Call me a cliché. A cleanse in January? Really? You and everyone else who has $150 to drop on three days of juice — for one person, that is, not the whole family. I chose a juice shop close to my house and was sold lots of green juices, a couple with coconut or almond milk, and one spicy beet juice and a charcoal lemonade (yup, a little gritty). They were, to be honest, pretty delicious and totaled about 1,200 calories a day. And...