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Vinny Del Negro
Grizzlies still have Clippers' number
Grizzlies still have Clippers' number

It was game No. 57 in a Clippers season that, as it does for all NBA teams, feels like an eternity. But Monday night was different. The Memphis Grizzlies were in town. There is history with these teams. If they were making a movie, they might call it "Die Hard IV." This time it was personal. And it will remain so, with two more games against the Grizzlies this season, and the ever-haunting possibility that they will match up again in the playoffs. Some of the pregame questions were about this being a playoff preview. With seconds left and the Clippers trailing, 88-87, that's exactly what it became. For the Clippers, it was perfect, and then it wasn't. Chris...