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Book Review: 'Stan Musial' by George Vecsey

Book Review: 'Stan Musial' by George Vecsey

Stan Musial

An American Life

George Vecsey

Ballantine/ESPN Books: 397 pp., $26.00

Here is a theory I have: There are three kinds of baseball players — the Good, the Great and the Gods. In the first category is everybody who made it to the major leagues; no one less than good ever got that far. Category two is for the exceptional. Category three, well, that is the best of the best. A few are clear-cut; a few are close calls.

A hard-core hardball fan will often buzz a point-blank question by the ear of someone who has a say-so in baseball's yearly election to its Hall of Fame. (It so happens that I do.) "So," it typically will go, "you gonna vote...

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