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'Butterfly' subtext in 'Fatal Attraction' still can't be ignored

'Butterfly' subtext in 'Fatal Attraction' still can't be ignored

A man has a casual affair with a woman and then dumps her. The woman, now with child, longs for his return but is coldly rebuffed. Humiliated and left with nothing to live for, she kills herself with a sharp blade to the throat.

The story of Puccini's "Madame Butterfly" is a tragedy written in florid, grandiose letters. Change the setting from imperial Japan to 1980s New York, throw in some designer kitchen cutlery, and you get "Fatal Attraction," Adrian Lyne's Oscar-nominated tale of an adulterous fling gone horribly wrong.

"Butterfly" is currently running at Los Angeles Opera, through Dec. 9. This fall also marks the 25th anniversary of...