C.S. Pacat announces new comic series 'Fence'

C.S. Pacat announces new comic series 'Fence'

In the grand tradition of sports manga and anime including “Haikyū!!,” “Kuroko No Basket,” “Slam Dunk” and “Yuri on Ice” comes “Fence” by author C.S. Pacat and artist Johanna the Mad. This new comic series from Boom! Studios’ Boom! Box imprint is slated to hit local comic shops in November.

“Fence” follows the rise of 16-year-old outsider Nicholas in the world of competitive fencing at an elite boys school. “It’s all about the world of fencing,” said Pacat. “The elegance, the danger, the high stakes of what’s essentially a combat sport.”

“It’s also very much about the characters and all the things that sports narratives can bring out in them like intense rivalries,...

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