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Notable NFL game-ending Hail Mary plays

Notable NFL game-ending Hail Mary plays

NFL Hail Mary 1975 NFC Divisional Playoffs — Dallas 17, Minnesota 14: Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach throws a 50-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Drew Pearson to defeat the Vikings. Staubach's postgame comments about the play are thought to have popularized "Hail Mary" as a football term. 1978 — Atlanta 20, New Orleans 17: Falcons win on a 57-yard pass from Steve Bartkowski to Alfred Jackson. 1980 — Minnesota 28, Cleveland 23: Using a play from their playbook called "Squadron Right," Tommy Kramer completes a 54-yard pass to Ahmad Rashad as time expires. This pass is known in Minnesota as the "Miracle Catch." As a result of...