How overtime has made L.A.'s port pilots the city's best paid employees, averaging $450,000 a year

Michael Robinson

Winners of the L.A. Times' 2014 Editorial Awards

Winners of the L.A. Times' 2014 Editorial Awards

The Los Angeles Times' Editorial Awards for 2014 were presented Wednesday evening in a ceremony that honored the newsroom's commitment to excellence and to the search for truth.

"Ours is a newsroom that’s relevant, passionate and diligently serving readers," Editor Davan Maharaj said. "Who else would have spent countless hours turning the handwritten names of L.A.’s unclaimed dead into a database so that people can find their loved ones?

"Who else would have pored over mounds of records to tie fire captains to relatives and reveal long-suspected nepotism in the L.A. Fire Department?

"Who else would have spent 18...