7 billion people worldwide will ring in 2015, but where will they travel?

7 billion people worldwide will ring in 2015, but where will they travel?
Denver will continue to see a tourism surge in 2015, according to a forecast. Shown here: The fountains outside Denver's recently refurbished Union Station. (Catharine Hamm / Los Angeles Times)

There will be an estimated 7,214,958,996 people on the planet when 2015 arrives on Thursday. About 320,090,857 of them will be Americans, an increase of more than 2 million from last year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

You can't help but encounter some of the 7 billion during your travels this year, wherever you go.

Advertisement says Denver, which has seen a boost in travel since Colorado legalized marijuana; Latin American countries, which could claim a third of the top 50 international destinations for U.S. travelers; and Venice and Florence in Italy can expect to see lots of American visitors in 2015.

The online hotel booking site also predicts renewed interest in two very different cities: Detroit, which emerged from bankruptcy this year and has been on the rebound with a revitalized downtown area, and Bangkok, Thailand, which saw a steep drop-off in tourism because of political unrest.

Other predicted trends include a big growth among travelers who make hotel reservations with their mobile devices and more demand for free breakfasts at hotels.

Travel agency company Travel Leaders Group surveyed its booking data and projects these U.S. travel destinations will be popular in 2015:

1. Alaska cruise
2. Orlando, Fla.
3. Maui
4. New York City
5. Las Vegas
6. Honolulu
7. San Francisco
8. Chicago
9. Los Angeles
10. Washington, D.C.

International destinations (or voyages) expected to draw crowds include:

1. Caribbean cruise
2. Cancun, Mexico
3. London
4. European river cruise
5. Rome
6. Mediterranean cruise
7. Paris
8. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
9. Montego Bay, Jamaica
10. Playa del Carmen/Riviera Maya, Mexico