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Burbank Bob Hope Airport increases parking for holiday travelers

Burbank airport seeks to ease holiday travel with extra parking. Of course, you can always take transit too.

Burbank Bob Hope Airport has a gift for holiday travelers: more parking spaces.

The airport will open two extra parking lots on Monday in anticipation of the holiday crowds, an airport statement said. These aren't new lots, but ones that had been shuttered temporarily.

Parking Lot G adds 253 spaces and joins Lot E as another convenient place to park within walking distance of terminals. Both charge $23 a day.

The airport also will open Lot B with 637 spaces on Hollywood Way, about a quarter mile away, which connects to the airport with a free shuttle. It costs $13 a day.

Existing parking options include Lot C, which costs $13 a day, and Economy Lot A, which costs $10 a day. Both are serviced by airport shuttles that run every 10 minutes.

To pay for parking, travelers may use credit cards or buy tickets at payment stations located at lot exits.

(There's also short-term parking next to the terminal for those picking up passengers that cost $3 for the first 30 minutes, $5 for an hour and $31 a day.)

If you want to skip the drive to the airport altogether, Metrolink (weekdays only) and Amtrak service the airport's train station on Empire Avenue that's a short walk from terminals. Here are the timetables.

Or you can hop the Burbank Bus that stops at the airport and connects with the North Hollywood Metro Station's Red Line.

Check out the airport's Buses & Trains Web page for more ground transportation options.

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