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Book the best boutique hotel experience with Slow-Chic

With the Slow-Chic website, your next European vacation could be in a 17th century château or a small cas

To book a boutique hotel or villa in Europe, you might need a boutique travel website to help you find what you're looking for.


What it does: Locates properties (and experiences) you'd expect to see only in movies. There are 225 properties; most are in France, but there are others in Italy, Morocco, Spain and Belgium, hand-picked for discerning travelers.

What's hot: You'll have to get used to not calling your vacation digs a hotel. You could be staying in a 17th century château, a small castle in Brittany, an ancient palace turned riad in the medina in Marrakech or a small country resort on the shores of a lake in Sardinia, just to name a few. Prices are very reasonable and are often the same or considerably less than a luxe hotel in Europe. Click on the "Overview" and be sure to read the short checklist of what the curators love, items not to miss and, especially, "The Best Bit."

What's not: A small quibble, but I'd like to see the closest international and regional airports, if not train stations, listed in their "Need to Know" section. It would be helpful to travelers not familiar with smaller towns in Europe.

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