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Get out that wacky costume and get ready for world cup in pond skimming

Pond skimmers: Head to Canada next year if you want to participate in new 'world cup'

Pond skimmers, mark your calendar for May 23, 2016. That's the day Ski Banff-Lake Louise-Sunshine at Banff National Park in Canada plans to hold the world's first Pond Skimming World Cup. 

The event co-sponsored by Powder magazine will be part of the resorts' 88th pond-skimming competition called the Slush Cup. But what contenders really need to think about is this: What will they wear?

Don't know what pond skimming is? Skiing magazine describes it as an event "wherein spring snow enthusiasts strive to cross a small and very cold body of water on skis, usually while dressed as, say, giant hot dogs or robots." Or wearing a bikini, or a rabbit costume. You get the picture.

Ski resorts from east to west  fill up a pool at the end of a run and watch skiers hit the water. The object isn't so much to ski to the other side of the "pond" as it is to -- pardon the pun -- make a splash. 

The Canadian ski resort announced last week that qualifying events for the new "world cup"  would take place at a variety of ski resorts in North America next winter. Finalists then converge at the Banff ski resort for a competition (no, there's not a pond skimming world governing body).

If you want to train up for the event (you have a year), check out's "Serious Guide to Successful Pond Skimming." And remember, it's all about your look:

"Truth be told, the duds you choose to wear while pond skimming can really make or break the decibel of cheering you'll receive."

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