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Gear: Cross-body case keeps iPhone close at hand

Bandolier lets you carry a cellphone in a cross-body case that also has slots for credit cards or ID

Ever on the lookout for a better way to carry my cellphone, I’ve fallen in like with Bandolier’s new cross-body case, available so far only for the iPhone 4/4s or 5/5s.

The sleek, lightweight neck case hangs from a slim 52-inch-long strap or chain (depending on the model) that clips onto two metal loops at the bottom of the case.

It can hang across your chest or hip. That the strap clips to the bottom of the case is a plus because to use the phone you reach down and tilt the phone up to operate. The back of the case has two horizontal slots for IDs or credit cards.

Nothing obscures phone functions. You’ll need to supply your own screen shield. It’s available in leather or faux snakeskin in a variety of colors and strap styles.

I would have liked the option of a shorter neck strap/chain, and the card slots are a tight fit that can sometimes make withdrawing a credit card a challenge. Still, a thumbs up.

Info: Bandolier Cross-Body iPhone Case costs $80 to $125.

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