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Gear: It's a stand and a phone-charging cable and very, very flexible

It's a charger, it's a tripod for cellphones: the Une Bobine Stand, Sync and Charging Cable from FuseChicken

There are so many cellphone accessories out there that it’s hard to know what to try, but I zeroed in on the new Une Bobine Stand, Sync and Charging Cable from FuseChicken.

This 24-inch-long, 1/4-inch-thick flexible metal coil has a USB plug at one end and a sturdy minimalistic cellphone dock at the other (available in models for iPhone 4/4S, 5/5S/5C, and Android phones with micro-USB ports).

Coil the metal as tightly or loosely, high- or low-standing as you like (depending on what seems most stable for your phone). Plug the USB end into your computer or a USB wall charger.

Then slide your phone’s power port onto the Une Bobine’s Lightning — or 30-pin or micro USB — adapter, which has a slim plastic vertical backboard to keep the phone stable.

The gap between the charging unit and the backboard is just wide enough to accommodate most cellphone cases, rare with many docks.

The device keeps steady, so you can use it as a tripod, coiled solo or wrapped around a tree branch or other object. Une Bobine Flexible Cell Phone Stand Sync and Charging Cable costs $19.95 to $34.95

Info: Fusechicken

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