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Gear: This Bluetooth keyboard is tiny but mighty

This Logitech Bluetooth keyboard is small, which makes it a good traveler. It was just 6 ounces.

Standalone Bluetooth keyboards for tablets and smartphones can make typing on the go easier, but are worth carrying only if they are lightweight, sturdy, finger-friendly and reliable.

Keys-to-Go, the new ultra-portable standalone bBluetooth keyboard from Logitech, is a pleasure to have aboard. 

It’s available in a Windows/Android-compatible model as well as one for iOS devices. Both models measure 9 1/2 inches long by 5 1/2 inches wide and barely a 1/4 quarter-inch thick, and weigh 6 ounces.

The well-spaced soft-touch keys provide plenty of finger room and satisfying feedback.

A rubberized skin covering the entire keyboard protects against crumbs and spills. The iOS model comes in black, red, or teal. The Windows/Android version comes in black or dark blue.

Info: Logitech Keys-to-Go Ultra Portable Stand-Alone Bluetooth Keyboard for Windows/Android or iOS devices costs $69.99.

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