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Gear: It's a wrap — and a cape, a scarf, a poncho and more

The designers at Señor Tyrone have done some tinkering and tailoring with the classic poncho and have come up with a more versatile unisex, one-size-fits-all version of the garment, which makes a good travel companion.

This expansive poncho-esque coverup, made from vegan and hypoallergenic loomed acrylic yarn, looks like a cross between a cape and a scarf and it can be worn draped free-flowing around the shoulders, gathered in close at the chest for maximum warmth, and crossed or tied and swept over one or both shoulders.

The lightweight, machine-washable wrap comes in nine colors, including cream, pink, teal and black, and two patterns. The Classic model has wide but subtle spiral and scallop designs woven along the hem at the back and front sides. The bolder Peacock model has more dramatic geometric patterns and curves at the hem, and four full-feathered peacocks woven across the back and sides.

Info: Both are priced at $125. Learn more at Señor Tyrone.

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