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Gear: Take our advice, carry a vase

Travel gear: Take our advice, carry a vase

No matter how basic the accommodations, a vase of fresh flowers will brighten things.

The Miracle Vase, made of watertight PVC, starts out as a flat rectangular plastic pouch but morphs into a plump full-fledged vase when you pry apart the opening at the top and pour in warm water. The warm water softens the PVC, making it malleable.

Slide your hand inside and you can mold the container into a variety of shapes. The bottom of the vase is internally reinforced so it expands and flattens into a sturdy flared base.

When you have the shape you want, empty the warm water, fill with cold water, and the vase will harden. Just add flowers.

After use, empty the vases, refill with warm water, and flatten for storage.

Miracle Vases, in blue, pink, green, purple or clear, are available in large (13 1/2 inches tall), medium (8 inches tall) or small (4 1/2 inches tall).

Info: Miracle Vase eight-piece set with four large and four medium vases costs $23.59; set of 10 small vases is $9.43. 

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