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Gear: Travel-size fan cleans and freshens

Portable fan clears the air

Your hotel room could be breezier and maybe cleaner with Satechi's USB Portable Air Purifier and Fan as a traveling companion.

The diminutive cube (about 3 1/2 inches) has an internal replaceable coiled filter that works with the built-in fan to absorb odors, dust particles, cigarette smoke and other airborne irritants. A USB cable is included to power the device through a standard USB port/AC wall adapter.

When you expand the cube by pulling the front and back sections slightly apart, the fan function ratchets up, circulating air through slats in the cube's sides. The fan/purifier works best up close but can make a difference in any closed space up to about 80 square feet.

The replaceable 2.5-micron filter lasts about a year.

Cost: $39.99; replacement filter: $9.99. Info

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