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Savvy Traveler items alleviate the space crunch in your carry-on bag

Items from Savvy Traveler take up virtually no space in your bag but offer a multitude of hygiene solutions.

Attention, Transportation Security Administration: There is only so much you can cram into that 1-quart liquids bag you’ve mandated for users of carry-on bags. I suppose that’s the point, but, really, have you tried to get 3.4-ounce-or-less containers of makeup base, mouthwash, hair gel, hairspray, antiperspirant, cologne, hand sanitizer, facial cleanser, moisturizer and other stuff into one blasted 1-quart piece of plastic?

I thought not.

So I’m grateful for some new products from Savvy Traveler that come in 3-inch-square packets that contain a disposable one-use wipe of some of life’s necessities.

You can clean your hands and the germy surfaces of the plane (and after this recent column about the grossness one encounters on an airplane, these have great appeal), apply antiperspirant, wash your face and freshen up your mouth (sort of like a toothbrush/mouthwash combo without bristles that leaves your mouth minty fresh, which is what you want after a long — or any — flight).

The wipes are said to be environmentally friendly and the TSA shouldn't care how many of these you have.

Savvy Traveler also offers lens cleaners and “foot safety shields,” which protect feet if you have to take off your shoes at security.

You can buy packets of kits containing combinations of products. Although not inexpensive — four 8-by-6-inch antibacterial wipes cost $9.99, for instance — they give me back space in my 1-quart bag.

The good news: Shipping is free in celebration of their launch (use the code TRAVELWELL).

The company is expanding its reach in the coming weeks, it says, with products in hotels and airports. It’s already in I Love L.A. in Terminal 5.

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