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Travel tip: Showering with your clothes is an easy way to do laundry

Need to do some hand laundry? You can get yourself and your clothes clean in the shower. Just add water.

Reader Mary E. Barton Mayes shared this idea for getting clean on the road:

Here's a tip I borrowed from my husband and that I pooh-poohed at first, with regrets.

He does his own hand laundry while showering -- no painful leaning over a small basin and splashing on the counter, no worries about getting the soap/water/stain on my clothes.

And, voilà, the bath towel is still dry enough, despite a post-shower rub, to use to squeeze my hand laundry nearly dry.

 A few hours, or overnight on the shower rod will make those clothes dry and clean enough to wear another day.

No searching for coin-op washer/dryer combos...no paying outrageous hotel fees for laundry. It works.

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