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Video: In the Bahamas, a busy street and a private beach

In the Bahamas, the street versus the beach

For years, cruise ships have been stopping at Nassau in the Bahamas. This video shows the touristy main drag that passengers find when they debark. But wait.

This video, shot in February, also shows another side of the Bahamas, which includes more than 700 islands and a few hundred smaller cays. Coco Cay, leased and staffed by Royal Caribbean Cruises, is a private compound for cruise passengers spending a day at the beach.

The tides are gentle. The water is bright blue. The island culture is – well, it’s a sort of artificial construct of Royal Caribbean. But as the video makes clear, Coco Cay is a pleasant place to pass a day, if you've got sunscreen and a hat. Keep an eye out for the reptile at the end.

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