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February 13

I've been thinking about where to live if I stay on in Paris. My wonderful one-bedroom in the 7th arrondissement near the Seine, with a terrace, is too expensive for the long term. Rents are more manageable outside the central part of the city, which is frequented by tourists. Still, I don't want to end up too far away from everything I love about the city.

My new dream is to find a place on 26 Rue Vavin, near the west side of Luxembourg Garden, in the 6th arrondissement. The white ceramic-tile-encased building is an Art Deco gem, by Henri Sauvage, the architect of La Samaritaine department store. I had to meet someone for an interview there, in a smashing apartment owned by an actor with a huge, wide-open studio. The best part about it was the bathroom, which was used as the backdrop for the bathtub scene in "Last Tango in Paris." Remember?

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