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Want more than selfies on your trip? Flytographer may be an answer

Flytographer pairs travelers with professional photographers in 130 destinations around the world

On your next journey, leave the selfie stick home and take a professional photographer along instead.

It may sound a bit grandiose, but online company Flytographer makes it easy -- and more affordable than you might think.

The online company based in Canada arranges a personal photographer for your travels to make sure you get great candid and posed photos. Think of it as the ultimate selfie, or a valentine to yourself.

"Often photos are an afterthought," Flytographer founder Nicole Smith says. "[People] take selfies, which in my case is often just a big swirling head."

Smith, a former marketing manager for Microsoft, launched the business two years ago and has built it up to offer the services of 230 local photographers in 130 destinations. (Check out an Australian family's trip to New York City to see the results.)

Here's how it works: Go to the Flytographer website and take a look at the photo galleries to get a sense of which photographer's style you like. Popular cities such as New York, Paris, Rome and London have suggested "shoot routes" where you may want to go. (Who doesn't want the Eiffel Tower in at least one photo?)

Then book it and pay: $250 for a half-hour shoot gets you 15 digital photos; $350 for an hour, 30 photos; and $500 for 90 minutes, 45 photos. You'll receive the photos within about five days and you may download them and share with friends but can't use them commercially.

An added benefit: Smith says local photographers act as tour guides too, taking you to scenic spots for the best possible locations.

The company mostly gets honeymooners (the company doesn't do weddings) and families that want to immortalize their special travel moments. Smith sells a lot of gift cards for brides and grooms too.

Oh, and if you hate the photos? The company will refund your money.

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