When's the best time to buy an airline ticket to Europe this summer?

When's the best time to buy an airline ticket to Europe this summer?
The London Eye illuminated at night on March 28. (Glyn Kirk / AFP/Getty Images)

Americans thinking about going to Europe to cash in on the weak euro should fly at the beginning of May or the end of August to get the best prices on airfares.

That's the word from travel booking website Hopper, which also says June is the most popular month to travel. You can expect the highest prices at the end of July. (Conversion rate as of Monday was 1 euro equals 1 dollar.)


Hopper teamed up with InsureMyTrip on a Summer Travel Guide 2105 report to find out where Americans plan to go abroad this summer. The report was released Monday.

It found the Britain was the most popular international destination for Americans who are traveling between June and August.

After that, travelers favor France, Italy, the Caribbean and the Netherlands.

In a survey of 234 travelers, 47% said they will spend $1,500 on their vacation; 31% said the would spend more than $5,000.

And what do these travelers worry about?

Overspending when they travel is their biggest fear, followed by:

--getting sick before or during their trip,

--bad weather that affects where they're going,

--missing a flight, and

--having a bad experience at a restaurant or hotel.

And 25% of those surveyed plan to spend their vacation by going on a cruise.

Findings in the guide were based on online traffic, buying habits, customer surveys and feedback from travel experts and other criteria.