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Disney's Anaheim fleet

Times Staff Writer

Original ride: Date opened: June 6, 1959

Date closed: Sept. 7, 1998

Volume of lagoon: 9 million gallons

Trip time: 8 minutes, 15 seconds

Speed: 1.8 mph

Capacity per submarine: 38

Names of subs: Nautilus, Triton, Sea Wolf, Skate, Skipjack, George Washington, Patrick Henry, Ethan Allen


New ride: Date opened: June 11, 2007

Volume of lagoon: 6.3 million gallons

Trip time: 12 minutes

Speed: average 1.36 mph

Capacity per submarine: 40

Names of subs: Explorer, Scout, Voyager, Mariner, Seafarer, Nautilus, Neptune, Argonaut


Source: Times research

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