Your California Bucket List: San Francisco's painted ladies, San Diego's green flashes, Convict Lake's rainbows and more.

Roundup: JFK airport, Hawaii palace, Athens' new rail link, Everest

Are you here yet?

JFK, New York's busiest airport, is offering a "cellphone parking lot" for people picking up arriving passengers. LINK

Big Island palace to be repaired

Renovation and repairs are planned for the landmark Hulihee Palace, which was damaged by an earthquake last fall.

Everest sees record number reach summit

More than 500 people have conquered Mt. Everest in this year's main climbing season, setting a record, a top mountaineering official said.

New rail link between Athens and port

Greece has begun operating a train between the Athens airport and the port of Piraeus, the country's biggest transit point for tourists visiting the Greek islands.

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