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When will the spring break crush hit?

Here are some dates to consider, along with websites to check out.

Now through Sunday: USC; Arizona State University; University of Nevada, Las Vegas; University of New Mexico

Saturday through March 23: University of Arizona

March 17-25: Northern Arizona University, New Mexico State University

March 22-30: UCLA

March 29-April 6: San Diego State University

For a more extensive list of colleges and spring breaks (and a hint of tour operators):

-ke///ttp:// ">’s Spring Break 2008

For all sorts of further spring break information (tours, cruises, history, gear . . . ): (which actually dates to 1995).

For Panama City Beach, Fla., info go to Spring Break Panama City Beach.

For MTV and Panama City Beach info go to

For South Padre Island info, go to Time to Padre!

About Cancún, go to Paradise Parties.

What the good kids are doing instead:

Go to Party Later, Save the World Now or i-to-i meaningfultravel.

The U.S. State Department's spring break advice to kids heading for Mexico and their parents can be found at the agency’s website.

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