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The next big thing in Las Vegas? A 22,000-seat, $350-million arena

The $375 million arena hopes to land an NHL team to help fill the 22,000 seats

The next big attraction to open in Las Vegas won’t have a hotel room. Instead, it’s the Las Vegas Arena, slated to debut in spring, 2016.

On Wednesday, parent company MGM Resorts announced that Coca-Cola and Toshiba America Business Solutions Inc. became partners.

Toshiba landed naming rights to the 75,000-square-foot entertainment space slotted between the Monte Carlo and New York-New York resorts, now called Toshiba Plaza. The space will feature an outdoor concert area and signs made by the electronics company.

Coca-Cola becomes the supplier of all sparkling and still drinks in the arena, Toshiba Plaza and the under-development Park with its host of restaurants and bars. The beverage company also plans to have what it’s calling a Fan Activation Zone for events.

Coca-Cola is now found in all MGM Resorts except for Mandalay Bay and New York-New York.

The $375-million indoor arena plans to host more than 100 events annually at its 22,000-seat facility. The arena also plans to feature 50 luxury suites and more than two dozen private boxes.

The arena also could be home to the newest NHL expansion team. A group trying to lure the hockey league to Las Vegas is trying to collect deposits for 10,000 season tickets in advance to show that the city has a fan base. That decision should come in June when the NHL’s competition committee meets.


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