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Miley Cyrus now dangles over the Strip on a wrecking ball

The newest Madame Tussauds exhibit features singer Miley Cyrus dangling from a wrecking ball

Madame Tussauds now has a 200-pound version of Miley Cyrus hanging from a wrecking ball in front of the Venetian.

The new wax figure, named for the rambunctious singer’s song of the the same name, is suspended from a 130-foot-high, 90-ton crane and hangs from a 30-foot chain that stands 10 feet tall from the top of Cyrus’ head to the bottom of the wrecking ball.

A team of 20 artists spent more than six months creating the figure and the ball, based on more than 300 body measurements.

The artists first sculpted the figure by hand in clay then covered it in a plaster cast. Once the clay was removed from the cast, the wax was poured in and allowed to cool. Finally, the figure was fitted with acrylic eyes and teeth with hairs on the head inserted individually by hand and layers of paint and tints applied to build up skin tones.

The figure will be permanently installed into the attraction's Music Room.

Info: Madame Tussauds, (866) 841-3739


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