From the Archives: 1938 Times billboard wins award

A 1938 Los Angeles Times poster was selected among the best 100 ads in the nation at the ninth annual exhibition of Outdoor Advertising Art.

The male model is holding the Oct. 12, 1937, edition of the Los Angeles Times. A story accompanying this image in the Dec. 19, 1938, Times reported:

Selected from among thousands of posters displayed during 1938, one of the posters used by The Times was included among the 100 best throughout the nation at the ninth annual exhibition of Outdoor Advertising Arts, it was learned yesterday.

Familiar to all residents of Southern California, the poster shows a belligerent wife calling her mild-mannered husband to task for neglecting his breakfast to read The Times.

The poster was one of a series of photographic studies of human interest scenes which was used by The Times in an advertising campaign. It has the humorous qualities of a cartoon.

B. L. Robbins, chairman of the outdoor post art exhibit, pointed out that the 100 best posters represent the cream of thousands used throughout the country during the year and are picked for their artistic merit as well as for the story they tell.

The prize-winning Times poster was reproduced from a photograph taken by Raphael G. Wolff and was designed and placed by the Dana Jones Co., Los Angeles advertising agency.

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