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Jordan talking heads smash furniture during Syrian civil war debate

TV talking heads brawl during live debate in Jordan
A debate on Syria's civil war sparks a live TV news brawl in Jordan
Paging Dr. Phil: Live TV news debate in Jordan devolves into table-busting brawl

Two journalists in Jordan literally turned — and overturned — the table on each other during an on-air brawl amid a debate about the civil war in neighboring Syria.

The program aired Tuesday on the “Seven Stars” satellite television channel.

It featured journalists Shaker Johari and Mohammad Jayousi talking about the 3-year-old war pitting rebels against President Bashar Assad's government, a conflict that activists say has killed more than 150,000 people.

The debate fell apart as Jayousi accused Johari of supporting the Syrian rebels. Johari then accused Jayousi of taking money for supporting Assad.

The two men, obviously carried away by the debate, stood up and grabbed the edge of the studio table they had been seated at and tried to fight each other.

In the scuffle, the top of the table broke off and the rest of it toppled as the moderator and studio workers tried to stop the fight and finally separated the two journalists.

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