Conceptualization of these wood sculptures was the first step in a creative process that blends fine art with fine craftsmanship. The wood globe, left, is an original piece titled "Preliminary Charting of a Far-Distant Planet" by Gary Smith of Sausalito. Three techniques--lamination, inlay and overlay--were used to make the multi-wood rotating globe that is cradled in a base made of lam- inated birch; it stands 14 1/2 inches high. The "Head of Alexander," right, is one of a limited edition by Igor Givotovsky of Amesbury, Mass. This artist employs a distinctive method in which figurative work is composed in in- terlocking units of domestic and exotic woods. Although the components of this sculpture come apart, the word puzzle does not adequately describe the piece; Givotovsky defines his works as "poly-glyphs." These pieces and others, including clocks, boxes, musical instruments and furniture are featured in the exhibit "Expressions in Wood" at Del Mano gallery in Brentwood.

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