Advisory Unit on Planning Retains Chief

Radoslav L. Sutnar, a Los Angeles-based land development consultant and former executive of Century Landmark Construction, has been reelected 1986 president of the Los Angeles County Countywide Citizens' Planning Council.

The body is a 50-member advisory unit to the Board of Supervisors and Regional Planning Commission, with 10 appointees from each of the five supervisorial districts in Los Angeles County.

The other new officers are Mary B. Hynes, vice president, a Santa Monica investment counselor and real estate broker, and Elizabeth Bragg, secretary-treasurer, Hacienda Heights, a former educator and controller of Lawrence C. Bragg, a professional law corporation. Sutnar and Hynes were appointed by Supervisor Deane Dana, while Bragg is an appointee of Supervisor Peter F. Schabarum.

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