Lynwood : Chamber Receives $65,000

The Lynwood Chamber of Commerce has received $65,000 from the City Council for promotion of business in the city. The council voted 5-0 to award the chamber the funds, which are raised through additional business license assessments. State and city laws allow a certain percentage of the funds raised through business license fees to be used for promotional purposes.

The chamber had requested $80,000, but is satisfied with the money received, said Bernard H. Lake, chamber executive director.

Previously, the chamber had received $28,000 from the city on an annual basis. However, through increased fees imposed in 1985, the council raised an additional $87,000. The $22,000 remaining is expected to be used by the city to sponsor citywide events, including observances for Black History Week, Cinco de Mayo, the Fourth of July and the Christmas parade.

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