Senate Floor Action:Pay Equity: Passed and sent...

Compiled by Jerry Gillam, Times staff writer

Senate Floor Action:

Pay Equity: Passed and sent to the Assembly on a 21-8 vote a bill (SB 511) by Senate President Pro Tem David A. Roberti (D-Los Angeles) to create a commission to examine the salary differences between male and female state employees. Similar measures have been vetoed by the governor several times.

Protection: Passed and sent to the Assembly on a 27-0 vote a bill (SB 82) by Sen. Nicholas C. Petris (D-Oakland) to provide state police protection for any former constitutional officer or legislator, and current or former members of the state Supreme Court or Court of Appeal, if so requested. Current constitutional officers and legislators already are covered.

Highways: Passed and sent to the Assembly on a 23-7 vote a bill (SB 140) by Sen. Wadie P. Deddeh (D-Chula Vista) to establish a revised formula for planning and distributing highway improvement funds. The measure is contingent on voter approval of $2.3 billion in general obligation bonds, as proposed by Gov. George Deukmejian.

School Aid: Passed and sent to the Assembly on a 21-15 vote a bill (SB 1677) by Sen. Robert Presley (D-Riverside) to appropriate an additional $640 million for state public schools. The money would be used to reduce class size and make certain reforms in teacher training and credentialing. Assembly Floor Action:

Drug Testing: Passed and sent to the Senate on a 74-2 vote a bill (AB 330) by Assemblyman Johan Klehs (D-San Leandro) to require employers who have employees tested for drug use to have positive test results confirmed by state-certified laboratories.

Mental Health: Passed and sent to the Senate on a 75-2 vote a bill (AB 1362) by Assemblyman Bruce Bronzan (D-Fresno) to prohibit mentally ill children from being locked up in adult psychiatric facilities, which is currently possible because of a loophole in state law.

Litter: Passed and sent to the governor on a 43-2 vote a bill (AB 480) by Assemblyman Tom McClintock (R-Thousand Oaks) to increase the minimum fine for first-time litter offenders from $20 to $100 and allow judges to order second offenders to pick up litter as a condition of probation.

Medigap Insurance: Passed and sent to the Senate on a 73-1 vote a bill (AB 2241) by Assemblyman Bruce Bronzan (D-Fresno) to require state standards for so-called Medigap supplemental insurance plans intended to protect the elderly who are not fully covered by the federal Medicare program.

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