Man Charged With Planning to Shoot Boesky Is Released From Hospital

Associated Press

A former Wall Street executive charged with planning to shoot insider trader Ivan F. Boesky has been released from a psychiatric hospital and allowed to return to his home here, authorities say.

John A. Mulheren Jr., 38, former managing partner in a now-defunct New York securities firm, was released Tuesday, according to one of his lawyers.

Mulheren has been at the Carrier Foundation, a private psychiatric hospital in Somerset County, since March 10. He was treated for manic depression, his lawyers have said.

Defense lawyers claim Mulheren was mentally ill and posed no threat to anyone Feb. 18, the day he was accused of planning to shoot Boesky, his former close friend, and Boesky's former chief stock trader, Michael Davidoff.

Mulheren had not taken lithium, a medication used to control manic-depressive behavior, for 2 1/2 weeks prior to Feb. 18.

Police who stopped him outside his estate said he had a fully loaded semi-automatic Israeli assault rifle and Army fatigues in his black Mercedes-Benz.

Mulheren is a subject of a continuing insider trading probe, authorities have said. Boesky, now in a federal prison, and Davidoff have reportedly implicated Mulheren in possible securities law violations.

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