Local News in Brief : Surgeon to Get $6.3 Million

A Beverly Hills oral surgeon who injured his right hand during a 1984 polo lesson at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center was awarded a $6.3-million settlement in a lawsuit he filed against the Burbank-based center.

Attorneys for Dr. Andrew Glassman, 37, agreed to the settlement Tuesday just as the suit was to be heard by a Los Angeles Superior Court jury. An oral surgeon for about five years, Glassman is no longer able to practice surgery because of the injury, said his attorney Tom Girardi.

Patrick Hast, An attorney for Equestrian Centers of America, which operated the city of Los Angeles-owned facility in 1984, said he felt the settlement was "reasonable."

Hast said an economist and accountant had been prepared to testify that Glassman would have earned $7 million to $8 million during his lifetime, if not for the injury.

Glassman was taking a private polo lesson when he fell off his rented horse. He claimed in the suit that the center was negligent, because a saddle strap on the horse he was riding snapped, and the saddle loosened as he attempted to hit the polo ball.

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