Names in the News

Age-group singles winners in the Santa Monica Seniors Tennis Tournament at Lincoln Park were:

Men--30, Larry Barnett; 35, Rolin Rhone; 40, Quill Duggan; 45, Niesi Sie; 50, Fred Scott; 55, Mel Lewis; 60, Robin Willner; 65, Robert Ellis; 70, Bob Reese.

Women--30, Barbara Sotura; 35, Rae Murbach; 40, Vickie Cinquegrani; 45, Judy Marsh; 50, Betsy Roberti.

Seven baseball players from Westside high schools are this season’s roster at Los Angeles Harbor College.


Sophomores are Steve Kristy and Chris Garrett of Westchester High and Dave Kushan and Sky Lasowitz of Fairfax.

Freshmen are Ryan Karp of Beverly Hills and Pat Alearne and Tom Fulkerson of St. Bernard.