Fallout From L.A. Teacher Pay Raises in Area School Districts

I am bloody sick and tired of people taking potshots at teachers. The public has come to expect more and more from teachers over the last few decades without compensating them fairly for their increased responsibility, then criticizes them repeatedly for failure to do their job. It isn’t fair.

A teacher today has to teach as well as be mom, dad, coach, nurse, counselor and disciplinarian. Along with teaching kids how to read and write, they have to educate them about sex and drugs, ethics and morality, and even do current events. They have to supervise on the playground, stand outside and direct parents in and out of the parking lot, chaperon dances and athletic events, conduct magazine sales for fund-raising, then meet with parents to discuss why their child isn’t trying. It’s demoralizing.

So you can quit grousing about the money the L.A. teachers are making; they deserve it.


If the neighboring districts are suffering in comparison, then that only means that they are underpaying their teachers, too, and face the same fate. That’s tough. That’s the great American competitive capitalistic system at work. If you don’t like it, you only have yourselves to blame. You voted for it.

And finally, if there is not enough money to pay teachers adequately, then it is obvious that we are just not paying enough money in taxes. So put up or shut up. I’m sick of listening to it!